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Trying to become an ex-fat person

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This is why I only walk/run at night. Scared to death of the same thing. What assholes!

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I was thinking earlier…

My problem is that I think “Oh this one thing won’t kill me or derail me or whatever” and I guess that is true. I’ve always thought that you don’t want to deny yourself something if you are really wanting (food-wise) because I know in my case, I will eat everything else under the sun as a substitue, and still end up right back there because I wasn’t satisfied. 

But earlier I had a thought that might help me going forward. Is this (insert whatever banana pudding or what have you) going to get me closer to my goal or further away from it, and considering that this week I have gained back what I lost last week, it’s obvious that my choices were pushing me in the opposite direction, and that is not where I want to be headed. 

Just I thought I wanted to get down on paper. If I can start thinking this way in all of my decisions including exercise, I think I will be more apt to make better choices. 

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How are you losing your weight?

I had an older woman at church call me skinny yesterday (yeah, not hardly) but was complimenting me on my weight loss. She asked how I was doing it. Before I thought about it, my first response was “If it tastes good, spit it out” She thought that was pretty funny and started telling everyone.

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WIW: lost 3.4 lbs this week which makes me keel better about losing only 1 last week. Still haven’t gotten on the exercise bandwagon. Will make that a goal this week.

WIW: lost 3.4 lbs this week which makes me keel better about losing only 1 last week. Still haven’t gotten on the exercise bandwagon. Will make that a goal this week.

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Highest Weight 306

Last Week   258.6

Today   257.6

Lost this week: 1

Total Weight Lost: 48.4

First full week of Weight Watchers and though I’m a little disappointed since I followed the program really well, I think I know why I only lost one pound. The past several months, even though I was not actively pursuing weight loss, I was aware of my eating habits and really was not going overboard. Doing WW this week was not a real shock to my body if you will. And of course I exercised exactly zilch, so I can’t be too shocked. I need to get back in an exercise routine. Here’s to working on a couple of more pounds this week.

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Deja Vu

I’ve said this time and again, but here I go once more. I re-joined WeightWatchers yesterday, and in a surprise turn of events I weight in almost 10 pounds LESS than when I quit well over a year ago. Norma, my WW leader was quite impressed. She said normally people come back weighing 10-20 or more pounds heavier, she never has anyone come back weighing less. I guess even though I have done no real exercise regimen to speak of, I have been somewhat watching what I eat. I mean, salad and banana pudding for lunch is normal right? Even though I have eaten alot of junk I’ve been cognizant to balance it out with better choices, so my daily Snickers ice cream bar for a couple of weeks balanced out with my salad lunches. 

That said, I am tracking my points (well since I started YESTERDAY) and I am looking for huge results on the scale next Wednesday. I weighed in at 258.6, and my first goal for myself is getting below 250. It has been a LONG LONG time since I have been there, and I am so close I can taste it. OK, now I’m hungry. Time for lunch.

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I don’t have to clean my plate…

So I went to Taco Bell for lunch (I know, I know, but I have eaten salad bar every day this week and had to run out at lunch and this was on my way and calling my name.) Anywho, I got a combo, and of course they give you more than you should eat. There was a burrito in the meal that I really didn’t want, , but our of habit, being the last thing in the bag, I reached for it and took a bite. It was then that I thought to myself,  ”why the hell am I eating this? I am full and I really dont want it. 

My mind went back to memories of my childhood when I was forced to clean everything off my plate. My mom would make me sit at the table long after everyone was gone, until I finished my dinner. Even today, it is rare that I do not finish everything on my plate. I need to convince myself, just because it is there, does not mean I have to eat it. I need to stop when I am full. Actually, I should stop before I am full, but come on….baby steps!

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courtneyloveslife asked: DO THE RIVER RUN!!! Even if you walk the entire thing it is an awesome thing to do and you can always improve every year! Last year I decided to do it at the last minute. I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked to have been, but I loved every minute of it. I ended up like running 2 miles, walking .25, repeat. I had a foot injury for the race so that slowed me down, but I am proud for just finishing! Love that race! Please do it! Start training in the fall and you will be definitely be ready!

Well, I cant even run 2 miles right now, but I am going to start training though. Thanks for the message. I will keep you posted. Have a good day.